When the Super Heroes dominate the box office, the film industry hopes that Tom Cruise can bring adults back to the cinema.

The helicopter has the name of the star painted on it, the letters began to focus when landing on a retired aircraft carrier, which was decorated for the event with a large red carpet and a handful of fighter jets. Tom Cruise. Top gun. Maverick. That’s impossible for others.

Close to the slender suit, his hair was slightly shaggier and his face was a little more harsh than when he first played Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell more than three decades ago, Mr. Cruise went on stage in the US. Midway while the iconic theme of Harold Faltermeyer is played in the background.

Give a signal to the spectacle around him, including the crowd of fans and media members, Mr. Cruise said: “This moment is here, to see everyone at this time, there is no mask. Each person. This, this is very epic. ”

It also feels like a time capsule. Promotion Eskapade Three-Hours-which includes a group of F-18 fighter jets who executed the overpass with the sound of Lady Gaga’s song from the film-Drari returning to the calm times of Glamor Hollywood. The days when Disney did not think twice about delivering an aircraft carrier from San Diego to Hawaii for the premiere of Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor in 2001. Or when the same studio built a 500 seat theater at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Armageddon’s first playback. Such luxury seems almost unthinkable at this time, when the streaming algorithm and his accompanying digital marketing efforts have replaced the publisity tour of ancient boots with stars that surround the world, and the studio spends millions to turn the opening of the film into a culture of the event.

Making this event running is a film megastar. In Hollywood, stars have elastic definitions. There is a screen legend that is not a box office star. Global film star is someone whose name is a lottery. They have a broad appeal, beyond language, international borders and generation differences. In short, they can bring people from all ages to theaters around the world based on their screen personality.

They are a type of star – like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone – Blockbuster Box Office is built around for decades.

And they are a type of star that is no longer really existed. Actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Zendaya, Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt are very successful but they are also closely related to certain franchise films or superheroes or have not proven that the multigenerational attraction.

Now, the character is calculated. Three actors have played Spider-Man and six have wore Cowl Batman for the big screen. The audience has appeared for everything. The Avengers may unite with a big box office again but how important is who wearing tight pants?

But there is Mr. Cruise, walking as if the world hasn’t changed at all. For him, in many ways, that hasn’t. He was 24 years old when the Top Gun made him a royalty box office and he basically lived there since then, longer than his contemporary people. He is the last global star who still makes movies for the cinema. He hasn’t wandered to streaming. He hasn’t registered for a limited series. He hasn’t started the Tequila brand himself.

Conversely, the promotion tour for Top Gun: Maverick, which opened on May 27, will last almost three weeks and extended from Mexico City to Japan by stopping at Cannes for the Annual Film Festival. In London, he walked on a red carpet with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (The tour will be longer and wider if the Covid protocol does not make things so complicated and if he is not in the middle of completing two films “Mission Impossible”.

This actor still ordered a dirty first dollar, which means that in addition to significant upfront costs, he received a percentage of the Gross Box Office since the film touched the theater. He is one of the last stars in Hollywood who got an excellent agreement, supported by the fact that 44 films have produced $ 4.4 billion in the box office in the United States and Canada alone, according to the Mojo box office. (Most of the stars today are paid salaries in advance, with a bonus if a film produces a certain amount in the box office.) So if the film is screened, Mr. Cruise makes money. And now, Hollywood really needs hit.

The audience has started creeping back to theaters since Pandemi closed it in 2020. Box Office Analyst David Gross said that the main studio of Hollywood is expected to release around 108 films theatrically this year, a decline of 22 percent from 2019. The total box office number for the year is still about 40 down percent but the new performance from Batman and Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness has an optimistic theater owner that the audience’s request still exists. The question is whether the business is still functioning for anything other than superhero films that are full of special effects.

“They just don’t make films like this anymore,” Brian Robbins, the new executive chief of Paramount Pictures, a studio who financed and produced a top gun $ 170 million: Maverick, said in an interview. “This is not a big visual effect film. Tom really trained these actors to be able to fly and appear on the real F-18. Nobody has ever done what they have done in this film practically. This gets a scale and scope, and also a very emotional film. That’s not usually what we see in the big tent movies today. ”

A large box office displayed for top gun: Maverick, will not depend on the crowd of more than 40. They are the cinema viewers who like to remember the original top weapons from 36 years ago – and they are the most reluctant people to return to the cinema.

To strengthen its commitment to the industry, Mr. Cruise sent a video message to the theater operator at their annual conference in Las Vegas late last month. From the Mission Impossible set in South Africa, standing on biplane in the air, Mr. Cruise introduced a new record of the Mata -Mata Film and the first public screening Top Gun: Maverick. “Let’s have fun,” he said, before the director, flying his own biplan next to Mr. Cruise, shouting “action” and two planes tore up the sky.

Top Gun: Maverick finished production in 2020 but the release was delayed for two years due to Pandemic. Mr. Cruise refused to comment on this article. But when asked during an interview at the Cannes Film Festival stage on Wednesday (where eight fighter jets operate across the horizon, blowing red and blue smoke to match the color of the French flag) Is there a talk about turning the film into a film released streaming, Mr. Cruise dismissed the idea. “That will never happen,” he said.

Now, theater owners throughout the country keep their fingers a smile crossing millions of watts Mr. Cruise and his commitment to take action-does not care about the cost or the fact that he will be 60 in July-will bring the cinema spectators back to theaters to theaters to theaters to theaters to theaters to theaters to theaters to what they expect to be a season long and useful heat.

“There are many questions about older audiences and their affinity back to theater experience,” Rolando Rodriguez, executive chief Marcus Theatres based in Wisconsin, the fourth largest theater chain in the country, said in an interview. “Top gun will certainly bring up the audience 40 and more and the momentum to build momentum.”

The audience remains loyal to Mr. Cruise through the controversy of offscreen-connection with Scientology, a famous jumping sofa interview about Oprah, her failed marriage, including with actress Katie Holmes. And he remains focused on the process of making films and then promotes it to as many people as possible – often through a very controlled public appearance where he cannot face uncomfortable questions about his personal life that can embarrass it or turn off the cinema audience.

“He eats, sleeps and dreams of this job,” said Wyck Godfrey, a former production president for Paramount. “There is nothing else that attracts his attention. He defeated someone else. He knows every detail. ”

The question now, in the world of streaming and superhero intellectual property, is that still important?

Mr. Cruise became the age of Hollywood in the shadows of movie stars like Mr. Schwarzenegger and Mr. Stallone, where the name above the title means everything. Appeared to see Mr. Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg killer? Of course. What about the police forced to play with kindergarten? Very. What about the twins separated at born from Danny Devito who is impossible? Why not? At that time, genre was not a problem. Cinema audience appears for the actors.

That’s not the problem today.

“We no longer make movie stars,” said Mr. Godfrey, added that the studio has withdrawn marketing and publicity commitments for years. “As a result, there are names that are lacking and less meaningful that will help open the film.”

Mr. Robbins agreed that today is far more difficult to become a global star in Mr. Cruise, not because of studio’s commitment but rather an industrial condition.

“This is Batman. This is Spiderman. This is very different, “he said in an interview from Cannes.” And that is not only because many of these characters are hidden by masks and tight pants and robes. This is a very different type of film making. And the world is different because of streaming, and all other content, struggle For attention is far more fierce than before. Thirty -six years ago when the top gun came out, there was no streaming, no cellphone. There was no internet. We went to the theater to be entertained. There are so many choices now. ”

The entertainment world has experienced seismic changes. But the success of Mr. Cruise also owes its absence. Will Smith, in his memoir in 2021, lovingly calling Mr. Cruise as “cyborg” when it comes to its durability at the promotion circuit. Remembering his own efforts to reach the peak of fame, Mr. Smith said that every time he landed in the country for the hype of a new film, he would ask for a local executive for the promotional schedule of Mr. Cruise, which often includes four and and -at half an hour on the red carpet. “And I swear to do more than two hours than anything he did in every country,” wrote Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith is not the only one. The studio executive has relying on the commitment of Mr. Cruise against promotion as a superpower.

“He is one type of dying that literally will work in the world and treats the world as if each region is very important. Therefore, “said Chris Aronson, president of the domestic distribution of Paramount. “So many other people are rolling their eyes. ‘I don’t want to do that.’ With Tom, it’s always built. This is a big effort. But that paid off. That’s why he has many fans around the world. ”

Some people will argue that the age of the film star died when the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over pop culture and films based on intellectual property that seemed to be the only way to put a large number of people into the cinema. Mr. Cruise has not been immune to this change.

In the last decade, Mr. Cruise starred in original titles such as American Made, Oblivion, and Edge of Tomorrow – all films that played the action of Bonafid. There is no hit. The reboot mummy, which was supposed to jump from the film series Monster Universal Pictures, was a disappointment for the studio, only produced a domestic receipt of $ 80 million. This series never takes off.

But while not taking part in any superhero franchise, Mr. Cruise has succeeded in utilizing the intellectual property that has been successfully exploited. The role like the murder investigator Jack Reacher, and the secret agent of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, has performed well in the box office. He hopes to do it again with Top Gun: Maverick.

“I think there are so many choices in the world today with the amount of content produced so that each film has turned into a bull eye film,” said David Ellison, Head of Skydance Executive, Top Gun producer: Maverick and a number of other films with Mr. Cruise. “The opportunity to have something successful and become something that is less than the A-plus is not the market where we live.”

Glen Powell, one of the opponents playing Mr. Cruise at Top Gun: Maverick, quoting him as one of the reasons he pursued acting. Mr. Cruise is also the reason Mr. Powell is in this film. Mr. Powell initially tried the role of Rooster, a tough son of the former Wingman Goose Maverick – the part who went to Miles Teller. Disappointed when he was offered the role of Cockure Daredevil Hangman instead, Mr. Powell only took part after Mr. Cruise gave him some suggestions: Don’t choose the best part, choose the best movie and make the best part you can.

“I will never forget that moment,” said Mr. Powell in an interview. “He asks me, ‘What career do you want?’ And I like it, ‘You, I’m trying to be you.’ ”

Therefore, he studied Mr. Cruise and try to imitate. He avoided the superhero genre, so far, and has several theories about what made Mr. Unique Cruise.

“He is a person who does not try to occupy I.P. He tried to tell an interesting story that finally became I.P. Because it’s very good, “said Mr. Powell. He saw the substantive difference there – the difference between going to the cinema to see Tom Cruise, movie star, or will see I.P. or, as Mr. Powell said:” There is a difference between stepping into Fandom rather than creating your own fandom. ”

He knew he learned from his master. “Even if I take a little from what Tom taught me,” he said, “I will be far better than other actors out there.”

He might. Or he might learn from an outdated guidebook.

There was a moment in the Top Gun: Maverick where Ed Harris, playing Superior Maverick, told him, “Finally it could not be avoided. Your type goes to extinction. ”

And Mr. Cruise, still holding on to the insolent confidence that made him a movie star four decades ago, grinned at him and answered, “Maybe so, sir. But not today. ”

There are many people in the film industry who hope he is right.

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