Nothing is like a coating back from a large work that is lost. And now, some viewers believe that no less than missing Picasso, which can be worth $ 150 million or more, has appeared in an impossible place: the house of former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Elang -eyed viewers see what might be the “Woman Rechlining IV” that hangs in Marcos’s living room in a newly posted video image, and now the authorities are urged to investigate.

Marcos is a widow of the final dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who allegedly looted as many as $ 10 billion during his term of office in the Philippines, between 1965 and 1986. Now, his son Ferdinand Jr. has won the presidential election in this country, and in some photos of publicity in his home celebrating The victory of the painting can be seen hanging in the living room – it is assuming it is not a replica, i.e.

The painting was first lost in 2014, at that time and the seven other expensive paintings owned by the Marcos family were the target of seizures by anti-corruption authorities. Those confiscated by the authorities then became fake, and the opinion was divided whether what was seen in the photo was also fake (according to the Daily Mail report about the painting, some even believed it looked in the photo was a deliberate “trolling” action by the Marcos family).

Ruben Carranza is a former head of one of the anti-corruption organizations, the President’s Commission for a good government, and he told The Guardian that Marcos had a hobby of fake art:

“Mrs. Marcos has a habit of buying fake paintings, and lent fake paintings to be displayed … The fact that she now shows it only shows not only duplicated from Mrs. He thinks he displays the Filipino people to be seen … who say something worse .

“This shows this true attitude -not care about this Filipino. They are not only guided to believe that [Marcoses] has gold. Now, they make them believe, once again, that they have so much wealth so they can show it when just they want. ”

PCGG is reported to have confiscated more than $ 5 billion in assets so far, with $ 2.4 billion bound in court.

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