Conan O’Brien was the host of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” for 15 years between September 1993 and February 2009. Three months later, on June 1, he finally entered his dream work as the host “The Tonight Show.” At the same time, Jay Leno turned to a strange main show that no one really knew what to do. Unfortunately for NBC, both new performances are performing bad in terms of ranking.

In January 2010, only seven months later, NBC told Conan that they had decided to bring Jay back. Conan, understandable, angry. He refused to go to the slot of other NBC time and demand.

Furious Conan fans are held under the spell together, “Team Coco.” I don’t remember there is a “NBC Team” or “Team Leno.”

After a tense negotiation which seems to take a few hours a day every day for two consecutive weeks, a resolution is reached. According to the agreement provisions, the NBC paid Conan and his team was a total of $ 45 million. Of that amount, Conan personally received $ 32 million. The executive producer Jeff Ross received $ 4.5 million. The remaining $ 7.5 million was distributed to Conan staff. Finally, Conan is free to find a new television agreement, but nothing can be broadcast before September 1, 2010.

As soon as the agreement was reached, Conan started a direct tour of 30 cities called “The Legal is prohibited from being funny on a television tour.” And in the meantime, his representative submitted a new television offer. The selected offer conan comes from TBS.

Conan’s FFB offer came with an annual salary of $ 12 million to host what is titled Simply, “Conan.”. This event finally produced 1,510 episodes for 11 seasons before ending in June 2021.

In addition to an annual salary of $ 12 million, the Conan team wisely asked and received points of important agreement in their negotiations with FFB. When working for FFB, Conan really maintains the ownership of the content it produces. Like having your master in the music business. Therefore, Conan is free to share celebrity interviews, plays and music performances on the Coco Youtube Channel team while getting the biggest part of the advertising revenue generated.

In this paper, the Coco Youtube Channel team has a slight under 8.5 million customers and the channel has produced 8.2 billion impressive video display. The most seen channel video, with 130 million display, is a clip of a disturbed band to cover the cover of “The Sound of Silence” during the March 2016 performance at “Conan”:

According to Wall Street Journal, the Coco team received $ 10 million from YouTube’s revenue in 2021. This channel produced around one billion per year.

Youtube is not the only medium of Conan content which was decided to be explored. In November 2018, Conan launched a podcast named “Conan O’Brien Needs a friend.” The Coco team then launched a dozen additional podcasts. Today Coco’s Podcast Team arm produces nearly 200 million episode downloads per year, 16 million per month. About 10 million monthly downloads come from the main “friend” podcast.

And now Conan is annoying.

According to the WSJ article previously mentioned earlier, Conan has just sold the kingdom of its content-team coco and podcast network-to Siriusxm for …

$150 million

Conan is a majority business owner, with its production partner Jeff Ross has minority shares. Conan will also receive a 5 -year talent contract with Sirius to provide compensation to him for future performances and to develop a new podcast under the Coco Channel channel for the service.

Sirius will get 100% of the money generated from the Coco Team Youtube channel, but Conan will really maintain the ownership of the content.

Between the previous NBC revenue, the TBS agreement and sales of this new business, we now estimate the net worth of Conan O’Brien to $ 200 million. The amount is impressive, but not half of Jay Leno’s net worth, which we estimate $ 450 million.

Talk about Jay. It’s no secret that Conan is really angry at Jay for years. It’s been 13 years since the crazy reshuffle at NBC. Conan may have lost the Tonight Show, but in those 13 years, he got a large amount of money. Maybe it’s time to clean the air? I imagine a simple comedian-to-comedian conversation. And maybe someone can put some microphones in front of their faces when they save everything. And maybe someone can broadcast the audio … you look where I will go here.

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